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    Meet Madden Review

    Meet Madden Review

    Let us give you an indepth Meet Madden Review and lets start off with Madden herself who is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile, white pearl teeth, one that you will fall in love from the moment you lay your eyes on her. Once you land on the site a welcoming message with her HD sparkle edited pictures await with a slider that gives off an impression of true exclusivity.The more you scroll the more you desire to enter the site, it’s just a very cool layout. Once you get in then the fun happens.

    Once you enter the member’s area a few tabs await. The pictures one, videos, webcam, journal, and friends. The pictures are all of Madden done in a provocative way. They are not explicit pictures, just some well done HD erotic pictures of her posing in all kinds of different settings. All pics are of high quality, a professional photographer was taken for these shoots and they can all be downloaded. For videos, you need a Flash Player so that the videos work. What’s annoying from the start is that you can’t skip the scenes of these pre-recorded videos of her webcam performances. At times you can’t even tell if she is going to strip or perform, you just have to watch the whole videos and you don’t even know how long it is since the player doesn’t show the duration of the clip. Based on the thumbnails, you can tell that there is some skin. The videos can be downloaded and there are tons and tons of videos since she updates them regularly even a few times a day.

    Her journal is exactly what it sounds, her journal. There are some jots about her going to see the 49ers beat the Bears, so on and so forth. A cute way of getting to know Madden on a deeper level. It is kind of a way of immersing into her world, so that the webcam section which is the bread and butter, seems that more exciting. Her webcam shows are all scheduled so there might be times that you just miss her since she does have to sleep. When she’s there, it is a regular webcam show, at times it resembles a sexy vlog of sorts. Also, you have a section for her friends, where she promotes some of the profiles that have webcam sites too. The pics can be downloaded. All in all, a great looking site, a hot chick who is an entrepreneur with a concept that works. A warm recommendation.


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